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Truth Unchanging - Yesterday, Today, Forever
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Whilst our search for Truth, for Spiritual Enlightenment, is a very individual journey, it is often useful and inspiring to spend time with others on the same journey – either in person or simply by sharing thoughts and ideas, or asking questions.
This page of the Divine Science Centre UK website is for this purpose. We invite you to use this page to ask questions about Divine Science, Truth teaching in general, or any related and relevant topic. If appropriate, your question will be included in this page, and we will do our best to provide a meaningful answer for you and others to share.
If you wish to share any thoughts or ideas that you feel may inspire others, send a contribution for our ‘inspirational thoughts’ page, or ask for more information about the Divine Science Centre, you are welcome to do so.
Please make your submission via the contact email address on this website, or email