Why Divine Science

Truth Unchanging - Yesterday, Today, Forever
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Our relationship with God is paramount to our existence. From an early age most of us have been taught to “fear” God; We have been told we are all sinners, unworthy of God’s love; We have been told we will be banished to “hell” – excluded from “heaven” when “judgement day arrives”!!
Why would a loving and nurturing God, our Heavenly Father, bestow such a heritage upon us? He wouldn''t.
An individual’s unfoldment process often causes him or her to see only partially the truth of their nature and the spiritual reality of the world around us. These false images in mankind’s mind causes misconceptions of life.
Divine Science is based on the teaching of Jesus the Christ. The word “Divine” means this teaching is of God and His manifestation in all of creation. The word “Science” indicates that the teaching is systematic and relies on laws that are based on eternal and unchanging principle. Thus we have a science of the unity of the Creator and His Creation.
We believe that heaven and hell are states of our own consciousness, right here and now and that we choose, by how we think, whether we live in a state of heaven or a state of hell. We understand that every day and every moment of every day is “judgement” day in that we must be judging ourselves ONLY with “righteous judgement”, so that we may express God to the best of our ability. If we seem to suffer, we suffer only as a result of our own state of awareness - our own view of life.
Divine Science is a practical, reasonable and liveable teaching that builds a deep awareness of Life. We are aware of the Presence of God within and all about us - as us. Through this awareness, we are able to realise a more harmonious life that frees us from limitation and lack.
‘‘Know The Truth, And The Truth Shall Set You Free’’
v      A change in outer experience comes from a change in inner spiritual awareness.
v      Truth is the eternal, changeless, underlying principle of life.
v      There is no “new” Truth because Divine pattern can never change - only our perception of it can.
The Divine Science statement of being is:
God is all, both invisible and visible.
One Presence, One Mind, One Power is all.
This One that is all, is perfect life, perfect love and
perfect substance.
Man is the individualised expression of God and is
ever one with this perfect life, perfect love and
perfect substance.


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