Spiritual Conselling

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Spiritual Counselling

As Divine Science Practitioners (Spiritual Counsellors) registered with Divine Science Federation International, we are pleased to offer our services to any individual who needs help with an apparent personal problem – physical illness, relationships, financial difficulty, or any other concern.
Our objective and role will be to support you through the situation, and help you to swing back into balance and realise a sense of unity between yourself and God – the source of all healing. Know that you can talk freely about your situation and that we will remain impersonal and objective, yet compassionate. Be assured that any conversation of a private or personal nature is considered to be sacred trust and will be held in the strictest confidence.
You are welcome to call upon us for this service at any time – in person where practical, or by telephone, email, or post.

Please feel free to request a copy of ‘The Divine Science Practitioner Cares.’ This is a leaflet that more fully explains the qualifications, role, and ethics of Practitioners.